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Launched in 2018 as an independent show, RIWCP is now entering its sixths season. The project is produced entirely by female-identifying and non-binary persons: from organizing to marketing to the participating choreographers creating new work. RIWCP receives invaluable support from Ballet RI, RISCA, Brown University, and Providence Ballet Theatre.


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I’m excited to step into the role of RIWCP Executive Director. The growth of the organization since its inception as a one-time completely volunteer performance opportunity to a fully recognized nonprofit that provides stipends to all of our participants is astounding. The support from other arts organizations, individual artists, and the community at large proves how vital and important our work is. As a former professional dancer, I have an intimate understanding of the need for RIWCP’s purpose to bring greater equity to the dance community. There are very few programs dedicated to nurturing new choreographers and leaders in the dance field. My leadership of RIWCP will be informed by my experiences during my dance career and focused on providing resources to artists that were not available to me. I look forward to a bright future of expanding RIWCP’s reach, honoring the vision and mission of the organization, and providing a platform for underrepresented voices.

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Executive Committee

Eugenia Zinovieva, President (she/her)

Open Open, Treasurer

Open Open, Secretary

Kristy DuBois, Executive Director (she/her)


Alexandra Cook (she/her)
Tracy Gillen (she/her)
Patricia Seto-Weiss (she/her)

Interested in joining Team RIWCP?

Check out our Opportunities page for current openings.



Hannah Klinkman

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Louisa Mejeur

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