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Haley Andrews

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Originally from South Shore Massachusetts, Haley Andrews is a queer freelancing dance artist and choreographer. She graduated from Salve Regina University with a BA in Dance and English Communications in 2018. There, Haley researched jazz dance and consumed herself in a program that acknowledges and honors it as a historically Black American art form best understood through awareness of one’s own identity and culture. Because of her training Haley’s movement style can be described as rhythmic, grounded, and gestural on both a small and expansive scale.  


Haley relocated to Boulder, CO in 2018 where she began to construct her Project based Contemporary company, Andrews Movement. Since, she has showcased her choreography at BandChicago Dance Festival - Hubbard Street Dance (2019), Versatility Dance Fest - Colorado & California (2019), Mash Up Dance’s International Women’s Day Festival - California (2022), and Festival Ballet Providence - RI Women’s Choreography Project (2022). Amid Haley touring her own work, she danced for T2 Dance based out of Denver, CO. She has had the pleasure of performing live works by Emily Schoen Branch, Jon Lehrer, Jackie Nowicki, Spencer Gavin Herin, and Mike Esperanza.


Currently Haley is on staff at Salve Regina University in Newport, RI teaching contemporary dance, and instructs various Adult Drop-In style Contemporary classes around Rhode Island, and the greater Boston area. Most recently Haley danced for choreographer Jessi Stegall in her work The Theremin Vignettes for the Boston Dance Makers Residency, hosted by Boston Center for the Arts.

Whilst dancing and instructing, she continues to build repertoire for Andrews Movement, and is actively showcasing work throughout the 2023 season. Haley Andrews is a passionate arts advocate who works to instill social and equitable change in the world, and her own community through her art.

This is Haley's second time choreographing for RIWCP.

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