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Kristy DuBois headshot.jpg

Kristy DuBois has been a co-director of the RI Women’s Choreography Project since January 2019. Kristy grew up in southern New Jersey where she grew up studying ballet and other forms of dance. Upon high school graduation, Kristy entered the Ailey School/Fordham University joint BFA program, expanding her studies to include Horton, Graham, and other modern techniques.


Ms. DuBois has been dancing professionally for 15 years for companies such as the Richmond Ballet, Island Moving Company, and Jose Mateo Ballet Theatre, and currently dances with Festival Ballet Providence. In addition to her many years of dancing experience, she directs a ballet program for a dance school on the South Coast. Kristy also directed a dance benefit performance for the family of a Mother with terminal cancer which raised over $15,000. As a young teen, Ms. DuBois spent her extra time as a founding member of the Alice Paul Foundation’s Girl’s Advisory Committee learning and educating others about the Women’s Suffrage Movement and the fight to pass the ERA.


Kristy is proud to now educate and actively participate in the movement for gender equality in the dance community with her work for the RIWCP.

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