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Choreographer Spotlight: Charlotte Nash

We hope you enjoy reading about our RIWCP Choreographers. Up next is Charlotte Nash:

Photo by Jennifer Zmuda

Charlotte Nash is from Sammamish, WA. She trained at Pacific Northwest Ballet School and San Francisco Ballet School. She is a professional dancer and the founder of Artists Climate Collective, an initiative to involve more artists in the conversation on climate change. Charlotte’s professional career started 2016 at Houston Ballet II. In Houston she choreographed her first piece, Lola,on HB II dancers. In 2017 she joined BalletMet 2 and in September of 2018 she joined Festival Ballet Providence as a company dancer and has been with the company since. Throughout her time at FBP she has performed ballets by George Balanchine, Yury Yanowsky, Christopher Wheeldon, Victor Plotnikov, and more. Charlotte participated in RIWCP in 2019 as a dancer and is very excited to now take on a creative role as a choreographer with the 2021 project.

“My piece centers around climate change and the reality that we (people) constantly get so caught up in ourselves, our relationships, and the human world that we often fail to acknowledge and confront the major systems that threaten life. I am very passionate about human and animal rights, preserving the natural world, and the arts. Climate change is one of the greatest threats to the movement towards socio-economic equality, public health, and biodiversity. My hope is to share my concerns through my art, so that there is information out there that is a bit more palatable than some of the dryer sources on climate change generally available. I am having a great time creating my piece. I would like to thank Mariana Oliveira, my mentor throughout the process who has given me some great pre-rehearsal advice, and my dancers, Kirsten Evans and Alex Lantz who have made the process lighthearted and fun. I am looking forward to seeing the other women’s creations!!”

Rapid Fire Questions with Charlotte:

How long have you been choreographing?

I did my first piece in 2016!

If you could have any choreographer, dead or alive, create a new work on you, who would you choose?

Andrea Schermoly

When you’re not choreographing, how do you like to spend your time?

I love to read, cook, and spend as much time outside as I can, and of course dance!

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being a performing artist?

Savor every moment and be open to change, performing is a short career and you never know when something (maybe a little pandemic) will shake things up a bit…

What was your first job?

My first job was as a teaching assistant with my ballet school

Favorite emoji?

I like the plant with two leaves, cute.

Favorite food?

Kao Soi

Dog person or cat person?

Big dog person

Ideal travel destination?

Alaska, I would like to see some grizzly bears at some point

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

Rehearsal without COVID restrictions (hopefully!) and warm weather!

Photo by Jaime Lagdemeo

Check our website on June 1st for ticket information!

Learn more about the Artists Climate Collective here:

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