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Choreographer Spotlight: Katherine Bickford

You might recognize Katherine as a past RIWCP 2018 and 2019 Dancer and Choreographer. We are beyond thrilled to get to know her more!

Photo by Jacob Hoover

Originally from Florida, Katherine was first introduced to dance at Dance Empire in Miami. She continued her training with the Portland School of Ballet in Maine, and then went on to graduate from Canada’s National Ballet School. She received additional training from summer intensives with San Francisco Ballet School, Houston Ballet Academy, Dominic Walsh’s Compass Coaching Project, and Springboard Danse Montreal. Katherine also earned her B.S. in Ecology and Environmental Science with a minor in dance from the University of Maine. It was at University that Katherine first began experimenting with choreography, and one of her first works was presented at the American College Dance Association festival in 2015. Katherine is currently in her sixth season dancing with Festival Ballet Providence and is looking forward to her third year choreographing for RIWCP.

Katherine’s choreographic work for RIWCP: In my piece I play with the idea that people can be experiencing different realities even when occupying the same space. I feel so lucky to be a part of this project, and this piece has definitely been very collaborative! Nora Ambler, one of the dancers, wrote a poem for the piece that is read by Kevin Patrick Martin, a local voice actor. Another local artist, Peter MacKinnon, composed the music, Emily Lovdahl, dancer, made the costumes. And several friends, Zev Hoover, Aliza Hoover, Jacob Hoover, and Zoe Chakoian, were the cinematographers. This past year has been tough for everyone, but I am thankful that it has pushed me to experiment with dance for film and much more outdoor dancing! (and I am thankful my dancers were so willing to dance beautifully even in some very cold, messy and wet environments!)

Rapid Fire Questions with Katherine:

How long have you been choreographing?

Here and there for the past 6 or 7 years

If you could have any choreographer, dead or alive, create a new work on you, who would you choose?

Crystal Pite

When you’re not choreographing, how do you like to spend your time?

Dancing, hiking, knitting, and reading

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being a performing artist?

To try and appreciate every moment and not take time for granted

What was your first job?

Making smoothies at a Smoothie King

Favorite emoji?

❄️ (I like winter)

Favorite food?


Dog person or cat person?


Ideal travel destination?

Somewhere very snowy

What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

RIWCP! And also some opportunities to perform live again (but safely, outdoors).

Image by Amanda Tipton Photography | FB- Amanda Tipton-Photographer | IG – @amandatiptonphotography

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