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Started dancing at age four in Puerto Rico, San Juan, Ana was inspired by stories from her creative movement teacher. Those stories involved her dancing in pointe shoes alongside elephants at the local circus. This ignited her curiosity and her training quickly progressed from school classes to a ballet conservatory in the city. In search of new opportunities she moved from the ballet conservatory to Andanza. A local dance company and school that focuses on contemporary dance, where she started to embark on her journey as a choreographer.

Her experiences in Puerto Rico led her on a continued journey to acquire a contemporary dance BFA at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee. Over the course of three years she has choreographed for various musicians such as, Mary Ogbonné and Serena Jade, alongside solos, duets and ensemble pieces in and out of the conservatory. After her second year she was able to perform in Sadler Wells Theater and attend Dance Italia in Tuscany, Italy. In her junior year she auditioned and joined Jo-Mé Dance Company in Jamaica Plain, while still being a full time student at the conservatory and producing new works such as, Mujeres, Playa Baby, Let’s Lie and more. As she finishes her junior year at the conservatory, she is focusing on attending dance festivals in New York, Boston, Rhode Island and Puerto Rico as a creator.

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