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General Questions:


**New for 2024** How many times can I participate in RIWCP?

In order to welcome more and new artists to the project, we are placing limits on the amount of choreographic residencies an artist may be awarded. Artists who have been accepted for a choreographic residency for two years or more (consecutive or nonconsecutive) are ineligible to apply as choreographer for two application cycles. For example, if you were an RIWCP choreographer in 2019 and 2022, then you will be eligible to apply again in 2025. Going forward, for every two residencies awarded, artists must take a two application cycle break. 


You may apply to participate as a dancer during this time. There is no limit to the amount of times an artist can participate as a dancer. Dancer acceptance relies heavily on the style of dance and schedule of the participating choreographers of any given year.


Is RIWCP for women only?

No! RIWCP welcomes choreographer applications from anyone who feels their voice is underrepresented in the dance industry, regardless of their gender identity. RIWCP accepts dancer applications from all gender expressions.


Can I apply to be both a dancer and a choreographer?

​You can apply for both. Due to time constraints and scheduling you may only be selected for one.


Can artists from any area apply?

Applications are open to any and all artists, with the understanding that the performances are in Providence, RI. We do not provide housing or accommodations at this time. Small transportation stipends are available to artists that reside more than 30 miles from Providence. All participants must be legally able to work in the USA.

Can I rework a piece that I've already choreographed?

​No. We are accepting proposals for new work ONLY at this time.​ Unoriginal work will not be accepted.


What if I have a schedule conflict?

​RIWCP is very understanding of the fact that you have other commitments. As long as you communicate your needs to us, we are willing to work with you. The only non-negotiable dates that you must be fully available are tech/dress rehearsals and performances (Wednesday August 21st through Sunday August 25).

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Participating in RIWCP - Choreographer


As a choreographer, what if I change my mind about my piece?

​Things change all the time! Just give us a general idea of where your piece is currently headed. You do not need to follow through with your original vision if inspiration leads you elsewhere.


How does the mentorship program work?

​Upon acceptance into RIWCP, each choreographer will have the option to have a one-on-one mentorship with an established female-identifying choreographer as part of their RIWCP residency. Past mentors have included Shura Baryshnikov, Mariana Olivera, and more (see here for last year's mentor bios). For the initial meeting, RIWCP’s director will participate to facilitate the introductions. From there, it is up to the mentee/mentor pair to schedule meetings and shape the relationship to best suit the needs of the mentee. Choreographers participating in this program can expect feedback sessions and the ability to ask questions about your mentor’s experience in the industry of choreography.


Can I pick which dancers I choreograph on?

​Following the initial application process, choreographers will have the opportunity to review dance reels from our dancer applicant pool. Choreographers are welcome to submit dancer preferences to the Director with the understanding that casting is heavily dependent on scheduling and availability.  Please note that all casting decisions must go through RIWCP and final casting for local choreographers is at the sole discretion of the RIWCP Director.


Can I bring my own dancers?

You are welcome to invite your own dancers to be in your piece, however, they will not be paid a stipend through RIWCP. In your application, you will be able to denote how many dancers you will bring independently and how many you are requesting from RIWCP.


If you will be using our studio space, your dancers will be asked to fill out schedule conflict forms for rehearsal scheduling purposes. All participants must fill out a liability waiver to rehearse in our studio space and participate in our performances.

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Participating in RIWCP - Dancer


What’s a typical rehearsal day like for an RIWCP dancer?

RIWCP rehearsals will take place in studios throughout Providence. At this time we can confirm two of the rehearsal spaces: Providence Ballet Theatre (194 Oxford St, Providence) and Ballet RI (825 Hope St, Providence). Rehearsal hours will be based on studio availability, but will not be earlier than 9:30am or extend past 6:00pm. Whenever the schedule allows, there will be an optional warm-up class at the beginning on the rehearsal day. 


Is dancing for RIWCP a paid position?

Since RIWCP’s inception in 2018 as a volunteer-based performance, our goal has been to compensate our artists. As of 2022, all RIWCP participants are paid stipends and engaged as independent contractors. We do not offer a weekly salary or worker’s compensation. Dancer stipends will be no less than $350 for the 2024 season, and may increase depending on funding. The continuous increase of these stipends to a living wage is a priority for our organization. 

**New for 2024** Dancers residing further than 30 miles from Providence, RI are eligible to receive a small transportation stipend.

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