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While the Rhode Island Women’s Choreography Project was initially founded to address the imbalance between male and female choreographers, we support and welcome applications from any choreographer who feels underrepresented, regardless of their gender identity. We also welcome professional dancers of all gender expressions.


New choreographers often start as freelancers and are faced with the full brunt of upfront costs such as studio rental, dancer stipends, costumes, and more. Our accepted choreographers are relieved of these logistical and financial burdens and are provided with studio space, dancers, and three weeks of rehearsal time, during which each choreographer’s new work is taken from concept to reality. The rehearsal period culminates in a public springtime performance presented in Providence, RI. This year's performances will be May 21-22, 2022.

One feature that makes RIWCP different from other dance festivals is that choreographers do NOT have to have prior experience to apply. What we are looking for is a strong vision and ability to think critically about the quality and depth of work to be presented. Applicants will be asked to submit a full choreographic proposal and 30-60 second video clip of planned movement (past performance reels not accepted). Our goal in this application process is to lower the barrier to entry and provide an opportunity for any artistic voice that wishes to set a new work.

We are proud that past RIWCP participants have gone on to choreograph for Festival Ballet Providence, New Bedford Ballet, North Atlantic Ballet, Youth America Grand Prix, and more as a direct result of getting their start in choreography from this project.


Important for Applicants:


  • Choreographers are split into two categories: local and remote. If you are able to get to Providence, RI for weekday rehearsals during the month of May and need studio space and/or dancers, you may apply as a local choreographer. If you already have dancers and studio space and want to take advantage of RIWCP's performance platform and mentorship program (see below), or you can't get to Providence every day, you may apply as a remote choreographer, and RIWCP will not be responsible for your cast of dancers. Regardless of category, all participants must be available the entire weekend of the performances. 

  • Dancers who apply to perform in the Rhode Island Women's Choreography Project will be cast based on their movement quality as well as their availability to rehearse on weekdays in Providence, so please be very detailed about your scheduling conflicts when completing your application. Casting will be announced prior to the beginning of the project and is subject to change at the directors' discretion.

  • Small stipends and travel allowances are available for all participants accepted through RIWCP. Please note that lodging for those coming from out of town is not covered. Expenses incurred by remote choreographers, such as studio rental and dancer stipends, are also not covered.

  • All choreographers will have the opportunity to participate in RIWCP's mentorship program, launched in 2021. For bios of our prior mentors, visit our 2021 Project page. Mentorships are tailored to each individual choreographer and include private feedback sessions and a deepened perspective on the choreographic process.


Below, see a timeline of our process. For commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ. If your question still has not been answered, contact us here.


Project Timeline

January 10, 2022
Applications for Choreographers and Dancers open

February 13, 2022
All applications due

March 1, 2022
Selected choreographers notified

March 15, 2022
Selected dancers notified

May 2, 2022
Rehearsal period begins

May 20-22, 2022
Performances at Festival Ballet Providence

April 1, 2022
Deadline for confirmation of participation- all applicants


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