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Jay Breen

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Jay Breen is a young artist and a lifelong resident in Providence. Being connected to a number of realms within the art world, both in Rhode Island and elsewhere, has made her passionate about using artistic voice to build and bridge communities. She uses her dance experience as a means of connecting with others who are passionate about the arts. Jordan has been immersed in the world of dance since the moment she was able to stand on two feet. She has worked with Part Of The Oath, choreographed and performed in Rhode Island Women’s Choreography Project since their premier year, presented choreography through Raw Artists, choreographed music videos for local artist, Wonyáe, and has worked and set choreography on the students at JMW School For The Arts in the past two years.

Over the years, she has learned from many major names within the dance industry, such as Stacey Tookey, Teddy Forance, Dana Wilson, Alexandra Damiani, Mijo, Martha Nichols, and a number of other well respected artists and educators. She has diversified her sources, in hopes of pouring all of her accumulative knowledge into those that learn from her. In her home community she has worked with kids of all ages, from 2-18 years old, as well as involvement in the collegiate world, as a teacher’s assistant for Mande at Brown University. Her teaching has most commonly been brought into public elementary schools and a number of dance studios throughout the state of Rhode Island. The goal in her approach to teaching is to facilitate a space and ongoing conversation, focused on emotional intelligence/awareness, articulation in expression, mindfulness, and the development of empathy within communities. Jordan believes that by implementing and normalizing these things, we can provoke a more honest, organic, and fruitful creative process and learning experience for students of all ages.

This is Jay's third time choreographing for RIWCP.

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